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Pricing and Unconditional Guarantee

Pro Artist Websites offers an array of easy-to-use website building and administration tools to create and manage your own website, without the expense of a webmaster. Upload and distribute MP3 files, video, and photos, publish your events schedule, manage venues and contacts, and more, all with Pro Artist Websites.

With Pro Artist Websites we put you in control of your online presence and capabilities with packages to accommodate everyone's needs and budget. If for any reason you are unhappy with any aspect of our applications or service, we will correct the problem, or refund your money.

Pro Artist Websites pricing starts at just $300 per year depending on your disk space and bandwidth requirements.. Interested in learning more? Try our unconditional, Free 30-Day Trial Account.. If you like it you can convert to a paid subscription and keep it for as long as you like. Cancel at any time. Refunds will be pro-rated based on usage.

Most Tech Support issues are handled on the spot at no additional charge.

+ = Free domain name applies to new domains and paid annual PAW accounts only.
* = Additional Disk Space may be purchased for $10/month for every additional gigabyte beyond your plan's Disk Space limit. Additional Bandwidth may be purchased for $10 for every additional GB worth of traffic per month.

Pricing and Service FAQ

  1. You offer a free domain name. Do I get to own it?

    Yes. If you request a free domain name that we are able to register for you, it is yours with your paid annual Gold membership subscription. We will transfer the registration to any registrar of your choosing upon request.

  2. What if I already have a domain name? How does that work?

    You can point any existing domain name to your PAW website. You make a request to your domain name registrar to point the domain name to the IP address of one of our servers, then submit a request form letting us know. Most changes occur with 24 hours.

  3. I already have a website I like, but want to take advantage of PAWs dynamic updating features. Can I do that?

    Absolutely. Simply change your site preferences to make it look like your other website, then create links from your website to the PAW pages you want visitors to reference. You can also change your main menu to link back to your other site.

  4. What's the catch to the Free 30 Day Account?

    No catch. We think you'll enjoy the ease and usability of PAW so much that you'll soon want to upgrade your plan to take advantage of the expanded features of a paid account.

  5. Do you back up the data on my website?

    Yes. We perform nightly backup rotations of your entire PAW website.

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